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Question about Disabled Person’s Parking Permit


Can I use my mother's Disabled Person's Parking Permit if I'm doing an errand for her?


The disabled persons parking permit can only be used by the person to whom it is issued. The permit shows the name and photograph of the person it has been issued to and you cannot use it unless that person is with you.  The permit allows the holder of the permit to use the public parking spaces that are specifically assigned for vehicles being used by a person with a disability.  These spaces or parking bays have the wheelchair symbol painted on the ground or have a sign with the wheelchair symbol displayed. Most accessible parking bays are located near amenities such as shops and schools.  Car parking spaces with the wheelchair symbol are usually wider that most other car parking spaces to enable drivers or passengers with a disability to get form their car seat to their wheelchair.  A disabled person's parking permit is only issued to a person with a disability. The parking permit can be used by the person with the disability for any vehicle they are travelling in.  This means that a person with a disability being driven at different times by different people can bring the parking permit and display it in whichever vehicle they are using.  The disabled person's permit is administered by the disabled drivers association of Ireland (DDAI) and the Irish Wheelchair Association ( IWA). Both organisations provide details information on using the disabled person's permit.

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