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Training and Social Groups

In our Action Ability Centre we have a wide range of training and social groups  chosen to meet the needs of our members and the local community. As well as training and social groups we regularly organise activities and recreational events.

To see what is coming up, check our events calendar.

Training Courses

We hold a variety of training courses that are tailored to the needs of our members and the wider community. Members can take part in training courses like Irish Sign Language, Computer Training, Disability Equality, Life Skills and Occupational First Aid.

Training for staff is also delivered on site. We often hold once off training courses at the request of members so be sure to keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming training courses.

Social Groups

Social Groups are regularly organised for members. People can take part in activities such as Yoga which designed for all abilities. For people who prefer the more creative tasks; art classes, flower arranging, cookery, basketry and creative writing are just a few of the activities we offer. If you want to know more about upcoming activities take a look at our events calendar.


HSE Physiotherapy Clinic operates on the second floor of the Action Ability Centre. Clients can avail of Physiotherapy Services Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

DeafHear also hold a monthly clinic on site. You can check when the next clinic is taking place in our events calendar.



Lapwd have a joint project with Rynn Shannon Angling Club, the wheelyboat is a special designed boat that allowed wheelchair users to enjoy an experience of being on a boat and going on adventures on the lake.

The boat is used by members to take part in fishing or pleasure trips.

Contact Paul Beck from the Rynn Shannon Angling Club for details.


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