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Structures and Governance

The Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities is a County organisation and is a Company Limited by Guarantee and became a registered charity in 1997. Every person is welcome to become a member of LAPWD. There is no requirement for our members to have a disability. In practice, the active membership fluctuates with the various undertakings of the association. The structures and governance we put in place ensure we maintain the quality of services over time.

The Board comprises of between 9 and 11 directors, most of whom are people with disabilities. Directors are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). LAPWD and it's directors are committed to the Principles of Good Governance.

The Association is a member of The Disability Federation of Ireland and also a member of the Leitrim Network of People with Disabilities Ireland.

structures and governance

Management Committee of LAPWD

John Rooney, Brigid Mc Gourty, Ita Reynolds Flynn,  Terry Williams, Eddie Mc Gowan, Peter Kearns, Elisabeth (Anne) Gilpen, Philip McTeigue. Company Secretary: Karen McPartland.

Elected Officers

Honorary President - Andy McGovern
Chairperson - Ita Reynolds Flynn
Co. Secretary - Karen McPartland
Treasurer - Brigid Mc Gourty
PRO - Terry Williams

Charity Number: 12005

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