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Our Manager Karen McPartland recently took part in a radio interview with John Comiskey who works with Blanchardstown Centre for Independent Living on 92.5 Phoenix FM on their Access all areas programme.

Click the link below to have a listen to Karen's Interview .Karen elaborated on the history of LAPWD and gives an account of the services we provide .Interview is from 24 mins in to the below podcast.

A snap shot of the Ladies in action over the weeks .The Ladies participated in our wonderful Weaving Connections in our Community project. The Project ran for 6 weeks , participants from our community came together with a shared interest and common goal to learn about growing and harvesting willow as they were guided through the processes and techniques of this ancient craft. The element of having a common interest and goal is key to bringing people together, integrating, reconnecting and establishing bonds and friendships in our community. The Ladies had a brilliant 6 weeks of fun and creativity . This project was funded Creative Ireland Leitrim Open Call and we wish to thank Leitrim county council and creative Ireland for their support .

As many of you will be aware, September 30th is Make Way Day. As always, our aim is to educate and raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities in the public spaces we all share.

Make Way Day is about one impactful, coordinated and decisive day of action to improve the access of our towns and cities for everyone.

 “Hey, this blocks my way!” is our message.

Obstacles include anything that the public has control over.

For example:

  • Cars/Vans parked on footpaths
  • Wheelie Bins on footpaths
  • Kegs on footpaths
  • Sandwich boards/ signs on the footpath– (check local by-laws on sandwich boards)
  • Overgrown hedges
  • Bikes tied to lampposts/ railings

Lead the Way

Use your social media, your networks, your website to share the campaign materials and assets. Whether that is re-tweeting, sharing a video on Facebook or using our designed app to share your own story.  We’ll be sharing lots of Make Way Day stories, videos and graphics on social media, so please like and share when you spot them.

When posting, use the hashtag #MakeWayDay22

Charity Number: 12005

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