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Recently, the engine of our boat was stolen. This was a wonderful facility to have had at our disposal in association with Rinn-Shannon District Angling Club. To replace the engine,

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Woodwork Workshop


Noel Short

Thursday 5th April 2018

4 Weeks

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This year LAPWD are holding a family fun run, roll or stroll on the 29th of april 2018 This event is a

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Following on from Leitrim Co Council's successful Smoke Alarm Scheme last year, Free smoke alarms are again being

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30 January

Yoga With Denise

 Benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and

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03 January

2018 Sing Together

LAPWD Building , Mohill Wednesdays 2-4pm Starting January 10th Gospel, Pop, Sacred, Folk And Ballads We do a bit of everything.

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13 December

Christmas Note

L.A.P.W.D Would like to wish Leaders, Staff, Members and friends a

Wonderful Christmas


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Next years Register of Electors is now being compiled. To ensure that you and members of your household will be registered complete and return the form.( contact us we can

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Socialising with Hearing Loss

Information session

  • Practical tips on going out with

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