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Our Manager Karen McPartland recently took part in a radio interview with John Comiskey who works with Blanchardstown Centre for Independent Living on 92.5 Phoenix FM on their Access all areas programme.

Click the link below to have a listen to Karen's Interview .Karen elaborated on the history of LAPWD and gives an account of the services we provide .Interview is from 24 mins in to the below podcast.

A snap shot of the Ladies in action over the weeks .The Ladies participated in our wonderful Weaving Connections in our Community project. The Project ran for 6 weeks , participants from our community came together with a shared interest and common goal to learn about growing and harvesting willow as they were guided through the processes and techniques of this ancient craft. The element of having a common interest and goal is key to bringing people together, integrating, reconnecting and establishing bonds and friendships in our community. The Ladies had a brilliant 6 weeks of fun and creativity . This project was funded Creative Ireland Leitrim Open Call and we wish to thank Leitrim county council and creative Ireland for their support .

Charity Number: 12005

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