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Disability Studies & Disability Equality Studies

 A short video here gives some information

Hello all,

I’m writing to you to let you know about the part time, online options for Disability Studies / Disability Equality Studies in St Angela’s college in Sligo. I would be very grateful if you would consider sharing this with anyone that you think might be interested – we particularly want to encourage applications from disabled people. The options may also appeal to people working for, or living with disabled people and those working in the disability sector who aren’t currently in a position to take on a full-time programme of education. Community development practitioners may also be interested in the options.

We have created several study options, all commence in September 2017;

Option 1 - Students wishing to ‘test the waters’ of third level education can opt to take one key Stand-alone Module, without committing to a programme with an academic award (

Option 2 – Students wishing to gain an academic award, can enrol onto the Certificate in Disability Studies programme, which involves taking two modules of part-time study, the certificate can be completed within a year ( Certificate in Disability Studies).

Option 3 – We also offer students the opportunity to undertake the Bachelor of Arts in Disability Equality Studies; a four-year part-time programme of study. After successfully completing 2 years of study, students may choose to leave with a Diploma in Disability Equality Studies (BA (Disability Equality Studies) Programme ).

Charity Number: 12005

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