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Active Leadership Training

Postponed until the 24th September Please contact if interested

Active Leadership Training

Presented by the Center for Independent Living

An introduction to political engagement, lobbying, advocacy and activism in a new Independent Living movement.

Do you have a passion for equality and the human rights of disabled people? Do you have an interest in civic engagement and want to learn more about how you can influence policy makers directly? Do you want to become part of a larger Independent Living movement that works with the political process to effect meaningful policy changes? Then CIL’s Active Leadership Training may be of interest to you.


Overview: CIL Political Activism Training will explore the role of lobbying as part of a larger strategic campaign for influencing our decision makers on key disability issues. Through this participatory training we will look at basic principles and skills for effective lobbying and how we can apply them at both an individual and group level.
Content: This Active Leadership Training will specifically look at:

  • What is lobbying?
  • Setting targets for successful lobbying.
  • How to effectively communicate our message.
  • The political and institutional structures we should target.
Structure: This training will be delivered as a workshop with some group-work and participative exercises required, with a particular focus on it’s applicability as part of a collective campaign on Personal Assistance Services.
Participants: Disabled people who have an interest in activism or campaigning. No previous experience is required.

To ensure effective participation a maximum of fifteen participants can be facilitated at each venue. Therefore pre-booking is required.

Duration: Two-hours


CIL’s Active Leadership Training is being rolled out nationwide from the 10th to the 21st of September 2018. If you have an interest in taking part please contact CIL at or call Susan on 086 1712648 for details of course venues and dates.

Charity Number: 12005

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