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LAPWD would like to thank and congratulate Peter and Josephine Mc Loughlin for their kindness to organised a charity dance event this year for us and join our boys. This year was very successful as it was a great evening had by all. This Leitrim couple have raised €100,000 in funds for local charities, over the last 10 years. So a big thank you to everyone involved.

A number of years ago peter was told by doctors that he would never walk again, and after the determination he proved doctors wrong, just like he said that he was going to raise €100,000 for charity and yet again Peter and his wife together took on the big task and in 2016 has hit the target.

LAPWD would like to thank Peter and Josephine for thinking of us this year for the monies raised and to congratulate them on the brilliant achievement.


dance chequeAbove L-R :Marie McGuinness, Rosaleen Kielty, Josephine Mc Loughlin, Kevin McGill, Anne T Reynolds, Peter McLoughlin, Nikki Mullen.

Pastel Art Classes With Coleen Quinn

Ever wanted to get creative with pastel colours well here at lapwd office we are running a class for 5 weeks with a qualified art teacher to help you along the way. available to all that wishes to attend all the cost is your membership fee for lapwd of €

Pastel Art Classes

With Coleen Quinn

@ LAPWD, Station Rd, Mohill.

For 5 Week 2 Hours Per Week

Starting 08th November 2016.

Please enquire about places available.

Contact 071 9651000

The Budget 2016 tax changes will mean gains for taxpayers ranging typically from €500 a year to €1,000, with some running close to €1,500 a year. Families generally do well, boosted by a hike in child benefit and some tweaks to income tax.

However, the Budget gains vary significantly, and many of those earning about €25,000 are not favoured by the way the Budget is structured.

The self-employed are bigger winners and - although not a budgetary matter per se - public servants will see significant gains in income next year, benefiting from the Budget changes as well as the pension deduction cuts announced as part of the Lansdowne Road deal.

By far the biggest gains for most relate to the change in the universal social charge (USC). This means that, overall, the Budget calculations are reasonably straightforward for most taxpayers, though they are a bit more complicated for lower earners, where a proposed increase in the minimum wage and a tweak in the PRSI regime complicated things a bit.

For a single earner or a married couple with one income, the annual overall gains top €500 at income levels of €45,000 and top out at just over €900 a year at incomes of €70,000 or higher.

The reason the €70,000 worker gets more than the €40,000 one is that more of their income is exposed to USC, so they gain more from the big change - the 1.5 point cut in the standard USC rate to 5.5 per cent.

This rate applies to the portion of earnings between about €17,000 and €70,000.

Because of the proposed increase in the minimum wage, which is counted in for the Government figures - though of course the employer will be paying it - the income gains at lower earnings levels between €13,000 and €17,500 a year also show significant increases.

A single person of a one-income couple earning €15,000 a year gains over €900. This assumes the employee currently earns the maximum existing minimum wage, the employer pays the full increase and that there is no resulting reduction in hours worked.

A tweak in the PRSI system, effectively cutting the bill for lower earners, means employees will keep a decent amount of the minimum wage rise.

However, the employee or single-income family earning about €25,000 is earning too much to benefit from the minimum wage rise and too little to get much from the USC changes, even though the two lower USC rates are also cut.

If they have no children, their gain is just €227 a year, or 1 per cent of income.

There are various circumstances which increase the gains. The €5-a-month increase in child benefit will add €60 per child per year; when the impact of family income supplement is added, this will also boost the income of relatively lower-earning couples.

So a couple with one earner and two children on an income of €25,000 would gain €500 a year. For families on higher incomes of €70,000-plus, the addition of two children brings the average gain to over €1,200 a year, and more for bigger families. Families with one parent at home also gain from a €190 increase in the home carer tax credit - a straight cash gain to their incomes. Rules governing qualification for the credit have also been loosened a bit, which will be significant for some families where the parent who spends most of the time at home also has some earnings.

The other key group to benefit more than the average is the self-employed.

The Minister has announced a tax credit of €550 which goes straight to the bottom line for taxpayers in this group.

This is the start of a process of giving the self-employed equal treatment in relation to a €1,650 tax credit previously granted only to PAYE taxpayers.

Gains for a single self-employed person range from €700 on an income of €20,000 to €1,452 on an income of €70,000 or more. This is basically the €500 credit added to the benefit from the USC change.

You will have worked out by now that the biggest winners are self-employed people with children. A married couple with one income and two children where the earner is self-employed gains over €1,750 a year.

In terms of gains next year, public servants who benefit from the Lansdowne Road deal will also benefit significantly when the Budget changes are added in too.

A mythical couple both working in the public sector and earning a joint income of €105,000 a year would gain €2,351 a year, according to the Government figures .

Some €1,400 of this relates to changes in the pension deduction agreed as part of the Lansdowne Road deal.

The only tax increase in the package is a 50 cent rise in the price of a pack of cigarettes in what is a big pre-election package.budget

agm agm2

Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities, LTD,

AGM 2016

The Annual General Meeting   of the above company will be held in the Offices of LAPWD, Station Rd. Mohill at 2 pm on Tuesday October 4th 2016

Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities is based in Mohill, Co. Leitrim and supports people with physical and sensory disabilities in all areas of the county and in West Cavan.

The Board of the Directors is nominated by members

Membership of LAPWD costs €5 annually and is open to all, membership forms can be obtained at the office or downloaded from our 

Annual Carrigallen

10K Race/ Walk


Starting : 1pm at Carrigallen GAA Park, Co.Leitrim

Registration Fee In €10 Per Person

All Proceeds Raised Will be Donated To

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

Event Theme: Mardi Gras

To Register Please contact:

Katherine Lyons at: 0894529351


For further information visit our facebook page at:

Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities (LAPWD) have been awarded the Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations (PQASSO) Quality Mark Level 1 for charities. LAPWD have been working towards this award over a number of years.  A core group drawn from service  users, staff and Directors have been the driving force in LAPWD achieving this award. Support on a going basis was provided by Dermot O’Donnell from Disability Federation of Ireland

PQASSO is quality assurance system that offers a straightforward, user-friendly approach to strengthen all areas of an organisation; used systematically, it can help an organisation run more effectively and efficiently.

PQASSO is built on 12 topics or quality areas. These are the building blocks an organisation needs to be able to operate to a high standard. They are:

  1. Planning
  2. Governance
  3. Leadership and management
  4. User-centred service
  5. Managing people
  6. Learning and development
  7. Managing money
  8. Managing resources
  9. Communications and promotion
  10. Working with others
  11. Monitoring and evaluation
  12. Results

The group collated evidence to support each quality area. At each meeting the collated documentation was reviewed, and if accepted entered into an evidence file. If it was felt that any more documentation was required for any indicator an action plan to develop this documentation was prepared and actioned. When this documentation was finalised the team reviewed the evidence to date to ensure it is sufficient to mark the standard as fully met. Quality remains at the core of our work and the challenge is to maintain the standard set by PQASSO across all areas of our work and service to people with Disabilities in Leitrim.


Above : Rosaleen Kielty (manager), Ita Flynn, Kevin McGill (chairperson), Bernie fox, Bridgid Mc Gourty and Kevin Smith ( PQASSO Auditor)

A night of celebration and recognition of the dedication and work of all involved is planned for early September.

Information on PQASSO can be found at


Charity Number: 12005

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